Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement is at the heart of the Shaddywood Project. Through engaging with the Youths the Shaddywood Project aims to achieve the following:

  • Reduce guns, gangs, weapons and drugs crime
  • Reform and train young people
  • Prevent conflict and tension between rival gangs
  • Improve understanding of gangs and youth crime
  • Prevent young people from emulating violence glamorised in movies
  • Capacity build young people & support young people in developing careers
  • Improve the trust and confidence between young people and the police
  • Save lives

The Shaddywood Project uses a range of highly effective and innovative engagement methods, tools and interventions to reduce gun, gang and knife crime through interactive workshops and diversionary activities in order to engage and reform hard-to-reach young people. Below are the three stages of the engagement processes:

Phase 1 - SW1 Crime Film Challenge
  • 12 structured workshops
  • Initial engagement, educational and relationship building
  • Screening 12 gangster movies
  • Facilitator-led discussions after each film screening
  • Inclusion of police officers from the local SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) in the workshops and discussions
  • Food at the end as an incentive for participating
  • Trips (cinema, go-carting etc)
  • Venue: Youth Centers (parachuting tactic)
  • Final Dissemination Event
Phase 2 - SW2 Extraction
  • 2 groups, 6 workshops (total 12 workshops)
  • Specialist topics i.e., Structure of the MPS, Pathology, Victims of Crime etc
  • Facilitator-led discussion/debate at the end of the workshop
  • Cinema Trips
  • 6 Weeks gym passes
  • Food at the end of each workshop
  • Inclusion of the Safer Neighborhood Team
  • Final Dissemination Event
Phase 3 - SW3 Replication
  • Aimed to empower and capacity build 20 hard-to-reach young people so that future they can replicate the Shaddywood Project.
  • Phase 1 = Capacity building training programme - 2days indoor intensive capacity building course (mainly theoretical)
  • Phase 2 = Weekend intensive residential capacity building (mainly practical)