About us

    What is the Shaddywood Crime Reduction Project?

  • Crime Reduction/Community Safety Project
  • Structured workshops
  • Youth engagement
  • Helping and rehabilitating young people
  • Challenging negative behavior and attitudes
  • Discussions
  • Listening to young people
  • Building confidence and understanding between police and young people

The Shaddywood Project is all about saving lives! The project aims to create a safer society for our youths to live in.

The distance between young people, the authority and the adult community is growing wider and wider and many young people feel they are being marginalised, put under pressure and to some extent demonised. Young people more and more feel they are being cornered, i.e., with new regulations etc. Engaging with the youths to discover and establish why they do the things we regard as unacceptable is crucial to tackle youth violence and crime effectively.

The Shaddywood Project started off by its first phase, the "Shaddywood Crime Film Challenge". The Shaddywood Crime Film Challenge was a unique pilot project carefully designed with the aim of creating awareness, engaging and educating young people about the negative Impact of films glorifying gang culture on our society, and to help prevent them from viewing such stories and actors as suitable for emulating in real life.

The Project set out to achieve this by programming a series of modern, appropriate films, all thematically related to the subjects of crime, gangs, drugs and violence. The Project engaged the participants in a structured, facilitator-led debate after each film showing; to explore the issues arising from the films, to discuss the relevance of the films content to day-to-day life and extrapolate the moral and consequential lessons and conclusions of the film's story lines and plots.

Two other phases has been successfully delivered, which are:

Shaddywood 2 Extraction - The Sequel (Phase 2)

The Phase 2 was an intervention method of educational workshops to engage and empower current and ex-gang members in order to reduce guns, gangs & weapons crime. The project was very successful in directly extracting (and rehabilitating) participants from their gangster lifestyles and cultures.

Shaddywood 3 Replication - Building on Successes (Phase 3)

The Shaddywood 3 aimed to empower and capacity build 'hard-to-reach' youth so that in the future they could replicate and deliver both phase 1 'Shaddywood Crime Film Challenge' and phase 2 'Shaddywood 2 Extraction - The Sequel'. Shaddywood 3 was delivered in two phases, which includes in the first phase a two day intensive training course with a focus on theory and in phase 2 a three day intensive residential capacity building training course with a focus on practical aspects. The aim of the two phases was for participants and community organisations to gain the knowledge and skills to repeat the Shaddywood Programme from phases 1 to 2 across their respective London Boroughs.

The Shaddywood Project has now established an innovative, highly effective engagement methods, tools and interventions to reduce gun, gang and knife crime through interactive workshops, diversionary activities and capacity building programmes to engage and reform hard-to-reach young people and children.